UF Law Students Protest Violence, Abuse In Courtyard

“No more silence, no more violence!”

This was the chant on over the past two days in the law school courtyard at the UF Levin College of Law.

Students wore purple to come together and discuss how violence exists throughout society today, from personal relationships to the workplace in every demographic. Statistics representing men, women, victims and UF Law Students were displayed, sparking conversations on how to recognize an abusive situation.

Eighth Judicial Circuit Judge James M. Colaw and victim advocate Gretchen Casey spoke Wednesday afternoon on how issues dealing with violence even permeate legal practice areas and how to recognize when violence affects clients and colleagues.

Next week, embodiment educator Sarah Byrden will host a workshop series on sexuality at UF Law next week. For information on this event, you can visit her website.

The four videos that were on display on the large screen Tuesday and Wednesday were:

For more information on these events, please contact Leif Stringer at stringer@law.ufl.edu.

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