Take A “Brief Break” At Boulware’s Butterfly Rainforest

The roaring sound and rush of air like a tornado surrounds you for a second, and then you open the door into a new world. You have not only been cleansed of any hitchhiking foreign insect on your bags/body in entering this pristine, controlled rainforest. You’ve been cleansed of stress, of even the fact you are in Gainesville.

We all know that graduate or professional studies can be stressful, and a moment of serenity is to be cherished. That is why this week we want to share with you an escape to the Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History. One of the largest and unique exhibits of its kind anywhere, it is surprisingly a mere walk or short drive from the University of Florida Levin College of Law.

Since the opening of the exhibit, Michael Boulware has been an integral part of running the exhibit. Being the only remaining original member of the exhibit, he is as much part of the exhibit as the butterflies. As soon as visitors come in, he is there to greet them with incredible knowledge and a welcoming personality that makes them stay for hours on end.

No matter what, one is bound to see something new if one goes in once a month. They bring in new species every few weeks from around the world. They hold public shows throughout the day, and we highly recommend trying it out. Watch the video in this article to hear from Boulware himself about this experience, and take a sneak peak at what you might see.

Video/photography by Kéran Billaud, © 2013.

Exhibit Address: 3215 Hull Road, SW 34th Street and Hull Road, Gainesville, FL 32611

Exhibit phone number: (352) 846-2000

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