Letter From The Editorial Staff

The Spring semester has begun, which means The Brief is back! Things are changing within our organization as our team is currently working to expand and enhance. We have provided the following Newsletter to showcase our updates.

Our Team & What They Do: 

Kéran Billaud
Jessica Beugen

Co-Founders: Jessica Beugen and Kéran Billaud

The two founding members of The Brief may be transitioning out of their roles, but they’re still eager to offer their invaluable guidance and support. Jessica will be staying on as Acting President and Kéran will stay consulting on editorial matters.


Isabella Limonta

[Acting] Editor in Chief: Isabella Limonta

This role manages the content of the articles being posted on our website. Isabella ensures that what we publish is timely, relevant, informative and reader-worthy. She heads the writing staff by making sure they are regularly providing content and covering press events on campus. She approves article pitches and is the final read on all pieces.



Katie O’Sullivan

[Acting] Vice President of Communications: Kaytlin O’Sullivan

This role is critical in creating the schedule of when to publish articles in order to increase readership. Katie heads our Facebook page, runs our tabling events and keeps our meetings structured and efficient. This role also works with the VP of Finance to ensure The Brief maintains a reputable image.


Rodney Dobler


[Acting] Vice President of Finance: Rodney Dobler

This role is the all-in-one treasurer and secretary. Rodney handles the organization’s financing as well as manages club relations, outside conflicts and recruiting efforts. He works closely with the VP of Communications to handle many administrative duties.


John Thomas

[Acting] Lead Web Editor: John Thomas

Our Lead Web Editor is our equivalent to a webmaster. This means that John is in charge of keeping The Florida Law Brief’s website up and running.




Associate Editor and Staff Writer positions are also positions offered throughout the semester. If you have any interest in one of these positions, reach out to any team member, shoot us an email or send us a Facebook message to learn more.


Upcoming Events:

Spring 2018 General Body Meeting: TBA*

We will be hosting a meeting soon with more information on The Brief and how to get involved.

Spring 2018 Elections: TBA*

The Brief is currently going through a transition period for its leadership roles, hence why the majority of our Executive Board is “acting” in their respective positions. Formal elections for these Executive Board positions will soon be held to permanently fill these roles.

*Dates will be posted on Facebook as soon as they are determined.

We will begin to publish new articles next week, so keep an eye out. As always, if you or a club you’re involved with would like a writer to cover an event, let us know!

About Katie O'Sullivan 13 Articles
Katie is currently a 1L at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. Prior to law school, Katie graduated Magna Cum Laude at the University of South Florida, where she received a Bachelor of Art in Political Science. She is no stranger to writing - she earned her minor in mass communications and spent a year as a writer for an online newspaper in Tampa. In what little spare time a law student has, Katie enjoys reading (anything, but her textbooks) and wasting time on her Xbox.