IP Certificate Program Information Session Reveals Lineup of Spring Courses

Nearly 40 law students attended the information session today for obtaining an Intellectual Property Certificate from the University of Florida Levin College of Law, hosted by the program’s director, Professor Elizabeth Rowe.

The law school’s Strategic Planning Committee on Curriculum approved the IP Certificate program last week. Levin’s faculty will vote to confirm the program next week, along with the Environmental Law certificate program. By this time next semester, students will know if they will be able to receive an approved certificate.

“We are moving ahead and keeping our fingers crossed,” Rowe said, referring to the popular program.

Rowe is an internationally recognized expert on Trade Secret Law and is one of Levin’s distinguished teaching scholars, having received the Feldman Gale Professor in Intellectual Property Law among other major achievements.

Adding to those achievements is the IP program, which began in 2001. It has since been one of the most successful certificate programs at Levin, with more students enrolled than any other certificate program, according to Rowe.

Levin’s spring schedule went online this week, revealing a lineup of intellectual property courses available to first-year students through students graduating this year. Many of the students at the session plan to enter work with patent, trademark, copyright, or trade secret law, to name a few fields.

“Employers value the certificate,” Rowe explained. “I think it is a good guide […] in terms of curriculum.”

There is a group on UF Law’s TWEN site for the IP Certificate program, and Rowe encourages any law student who may be interested in the program to consider signing into it to receive updates.

UF Law is offering the following Intellectual Property classes this spring. The following information was provided at the session, and more information about the courses can be found by following the links to the courses below.

  • International Intellectual Property
    • Taught by Professor Ulrich Loewenheim, visiting from Germany. Thus, the course is only offered in the Spring.
  • Patent & Trademark Prosecution and Practice
    • (modified version of “Patent Prosecution”)
    • Open to anyone; 4 to 6:30 p.m. (3L block)
    • Includes lectures and workshops.
    • Normally, “Patent Prosecution” is limited to only those with technical degrees and meant for those who plan to prosecute patents before the Patent and Trademark Office.
    • By adding the trademark component, you will learn how to prosecute trademarks too.
    • Upon enrolling, you must choose one path or the other in the course. This will determine which course assignments you work on.
    • Helpful for the Patent Bar.
    • Book will be very useful for Patent Bar and drafting.
  • Trade Secret Law
  • Entrepreneurship Legal Practicum
    • This practicum is the best alternative to a transactional clinic.
    • Run by Professor Rowe and Max Minch
    • Students are from either law or business school.
    • The course is limited to eight students, because you are working with real clients. The client base tends to be from the innovators around town and other entrepreneurs around the university. The idea is from the combination of the business and IP that you will provide whatever advice the client needs. The course does everything short of filing a full patent application (i.e., provisional patents on behalf of those clients).
    • The practicum will file trademarks too.
    • Meet with clients, assess their needs; IP tax business otherwise. Students will provide that advice through the licensed attorney who instructs the course.
    • Real clients, real service, real experience.
    • Two students will pair up with each client.
    • Students who are patent bar eligible are preferred candidates.
    • Applying for the course: (only eight students will be accepted)
      • The application expects you to hit the ground running.
      • You must meet pre-requisites with appropriate background already.
      • You check how many courses you’ve taken from a list that may be critical to the practicum.
    • Application due October 24.
  • Intellectual Property Licensing
    • Seminar
    • Paper requirement.
    • Counts toward both the JD paper and IP cert requirements.
  • Intellectual Property Law
    • Version of an IP survey
    • One may take it as long as one has not taken two or more of the core IP courses.
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