General Council for Marco Rubio Speaks at UF Law

Gregg Nunziata

By Lauryn Fabrizio

On Thursday, February 2nd, 2017, The UF Law Federalist Society hosted a discussion by Gregg Nunziata, former General Counsel to Senator Marco Rubio. Mr. Nunziata has extensive experience in both the public sector, as a public policy expert, and in the private sector in high-profile product liability, consumer fraud and securities fraud litigation.

As a trusted public policy advisor, Mr. Nunziata discussed the diminishing role of congress in America today. Mr. Nunziata attributed the decline to the actions made by the Executive Branch, specifically through the growing enforcement of agency regulation.

Additionally, Mr. Nunziata discussed the increasing presence of bi-partisan conflict in minimizing the effectiveness of Congress. At the end of his discussion, Mr. Nunziata welcomed questions by students. Many questions considered the future relationship of the branches of government, and what Americans may anticipate under the 2017 Administration.

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