BLSA, LLSA, CaribLaw Host Hurricane Irma Aid Drive

Members of BLSA, LLSA, and CaribLaw are accepting donations at their table in the courtyard from 12 to 2 p.m. until Thursday.

The Black Law Students Association (BLSA), the Latino Law Student Association (LLSA) and the Caribbean Law Students Association (CaribLaw) are holding a Hurricane Irma Aid Drive in the Marcia Whitney Scott Courtyard until Thursday from 12 to 2 p.m.

The clubs will accept cash or Venmo donations with all proceeds going to the islands and parts of the United States devastated by Hurricane Irma.

The money collected by BLSA, LLSA, and CaribLaw will go to the organization GlobalGiving. They chose this organization due to its partnerships with local relief organizations, making it the most effective way to aid the areas in dire need.

While Gainesville was relatively spared by the storm, the Caribbean islands and parts of South Florida were not so fortunate. Entire towns were reduced to rubble, and crucial infrastructure was destroyed by the Category 5 hurricane.

Emergency supplies such as potable water, food and medicine are desperately in need in addition to the long-term assistance necessary in order to help residents recover and rebuild.

“Some UF Law students may not realize that many of their peers are from the islands and southern parts of Florida that were hit hard by Hurricane Irma,” said Aaron Chatmon, a member of BLSA tabling in the courtyard this week.

“Many family members of UF Law students, in particular, are suffering because of this storm,” Chatmon said. “Something needed to be done, and it seemed natural that BLSA, LLSA and CaribLaw would rally together to head the drive, considering many of our members have ties to the areas most impacted by Irma.”

This collaborative effort by three University of Florida Levin College of Law organizations is a perfect example of the sense of community and service that drives the school.

“On Monday alone we raised $200. That’s a lot of money, especially for broke college students,” he said. “Just a dollar donated by each student adds up and will truly go a long way in helping those who lost everything during this storm.”

Together, the students at UF Law can make a contribution that will improve the lives of so many people, some of which are tied to the campus deeper than one may realize.

“Our college is filled with students that one day hope to have a positive impact on the world,” Chatmon said. “We don’t have to wait until we are lawyers to do this – we can start right now.”

For more information, or to donate to this cause, stop by the Hurricane Irma Aid Booth or donate directly to GlobalGiving.

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